Moto X Will Be The ‘First Smartphone You Can Design Yourself’

After an extensive round of rumors and speculations, Motorola finally confirmed recently that it indeed was working on a ‘Moto X’ smartphone. The company hasn’t revealed any specific details about the smartphone yet, but a new ad from Motorola touts it as the ‘first smartphone you can design yourself.’

Moto X ad

That’s an intriguing line for marketing an upcoming smartphone. However, it is as ambiguous as it is interesting and we are not really sure what Motorola means by this. Does this mean that users will be able to devise the design of Moto X smartphones as they wish?

Or simply that the company will provide multiple versions of Moto X smartphone, so that the customers can then choose whichever they find best?

The other aspect that Motorola is keen to stress on is that the Moto X is the ‘first smartphone that has been designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.’ Since most smartphone vendors have moved their manufacturing, assembling processes to Asia, trimming down their costs, Motorola does have a point to score when it claims that the Moto X handset is being prepared within the U.S.

However, the company will need to offer really impressive specifications in Moto X whenever it launches the handset. With competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung growing fierce by each passing day, any new entrant into the smartphone industry will have to offer a unique, top-end smartphone.

Courtesy: The Verge

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