PSP Phone Will Arrive in April After MWC Unveiling

The heavily rumoured Sony PSP Phone, known as the Sony Ericsson Z1, is to hit stores in April following a Mobile World Congress unveiling, reported inside sources have revealed.Pocket-Lint reported that they have spoken to sources close to the matter’ who have confirmed the arrival of the gaming handset.

The unnamed source reportedly said: “Sony Ericsson is going big on this one”, adding, “although it will get a Feb launch, it won’t be in shops until April”.

A mooted Sony PSP Phone has been a key talking point in the tech world for a number of years now with speculation and expectation kicking into higher gear in recent months as a number of spy shots and reported hands-on leaks have emerged.

Having failed to out the PSP Phone at the rumoured December 9th launch in Paris recently, Sony officially launched a PlayStation app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to remotely track their PSN stats and seemingly quashing hopes of a PSP Phone arrival.


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