T-Mobile Compatible Moto X Appears In FCC Documents

Every handset that appears in the U.S. market has to get the green signal from FCC. Apparently, the much-awaited Moto X has now been approved by the regulatory authority. Interestingly enough, FCC documents reveal that the specific Moto X model it has approved is compatible with T-Mobile.

Moto X

T-Mobile isn’t exactly the top choice of smartphone vendors when they are choosing a carrier for a new handset. Usually, the initial choices are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. This is precisely the reason why many have been wondering whether or not Google will decide to tap T-Mobile as a potential Moto X carrier.

It would now seem that T-Mobile does have a chance of being in the list. The FCC documents reveal that the Moto X handset, model number XT1053, includes support for such bands which are used by T-Mobile. These include the likes of AWS HSPA+ and LTE.

This hints that T-Mobile will eventually turn out to be among the official carriers of the Moto X handset. The other possibility is that Google has equipped the smartphone with support for T-Mobile bands so that if customers wish to lay their hands on unlocked version of the device, they are not constrained in terms of carrier choices. Either way, it is good to note that whenever Moto X debuts, it will come with ample connectivity options.

Courtesy: Engadget

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