The Rumored X Phone May Actually Refer To Multiple Google/Motorola Devices

We have been hearing about the fabled X Phone which supposedly is a joint collaboration of both Google and Motorola. However, so far no clear proof has surfaced to substantiate these rumors. Another claimed image of the X Phone has now come up, and it has been hinted that X Phone may actually be a banner brand for multiple devices.

X Phone

It does seem quite obvious that sooner or later, Google will be leveraging its acquisition of Motorola for a hardware product. So far, we have been hearing about it but we may well be on the verge of it.

Recently, another claimed image of the ‘X Phone’ came up on Vietnamese site, Tinhte. The image features a fairly good-looking smartphone with rounded edges and a very neat look, kind of the same as Galaxy Nexus. However, the image was soon removed from the website.

What is even more interesting is that the alleged specs in this phone included a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, together with 2GB of RAM and a 4.65-inch display. These specs are fairly good but they are far from high-end, which only means that Google is aiming to cut into the low-end smartphone market. The report also cites that Google intends to push out this smartphone for a mere $199, without contract.

Surely, that sweet price will turn many heads and entice many users, if indeed the report turns out to be true. However, so far, all the information available about this ‘X Phone’ is either dubious or unconfirmed. It has also been claimed that ‘X Phone’ will actually be a banner brand under which Google and Motorola will be releasing multiple products. Let’s see which part of these rumors turns out to be true.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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