Annoying Issues With Android Ice Cream Sandwich On Asus Transform Prime

Apparently, after a big cheer for the latest Android 4.0 known under the sweeter name of Ice Cream Sandwich, being available on Asus’ high end tablet Transformer Prime, a big disappointment followed. Many users noticed that the attempt to get the promised Android Ice Cream Sandwich on their tablet failed and an error message about an unknown serial number problem, under the ‘About tablet’ menu.


Even if the Ice Cream Sandwich availability for Asus Transformer Prime is fairly recent (the company made it about a week ago) the news about growing number of discontented users just hit the blogosphere. Gary Key, ASUS support representative, acknowledged the issue and posted on the XDA-Developers forum with helpful advices for the users. Since the named forum joined the SOPA protest movement and went dark, you might find the tip here: “As for the Serial Number Unknown problem, please try doing a factory reset.

If it does not work the first time, after the reboot, please try it again and once at the desktop, wait about 10~15 minutes for the system to sync with the server. So far this has worked for users I am directly assisting at the moment on another forum but it has not worked on two particular units that were returned yesterday.”

The users now have a better chance to try to install the much waited operating system update for their tablets, although analysts are still unconvinced about the efficacy of the method suggested by Asus representative. A serious fix for this issue is still expected.


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