Apple Reportedly Tipped Suppliers To Produce 10M iPad Minis For Launch

With Apple’s rumored iPad Mini unveiling rumored for October 17th, they are expecting an enormous amount of pre-orders and launch sales. Anticipation must’ve reached its peak point because component suppliers in Asia are reporting they’ve received orders for the yet-to-be announced tablet from Cupertino. Considering the facts, it’s better to be prepared than have weeks-on-end of back-orders during the holiday season.

Based upon reports from Asian suppliers, they have received orders in excess of 10 million to build Apple’s unannounced tablet. According to the Wall Street Journal, sources of the supply chain passed along this discreet information. Those 10 million tablets will be in production throughout the fourth quarter; they won’t be available upon the rumored early-November launch date.

Recent reports have indicated that the iPad Mini invitations would be sent out to the public on October 10th inviting media to an October 17th event. The aimed release is set for November 2nd.

Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital said Apple’s supply chain has found it troublesome to produce the iPad Mini due to the complex design. White still expects 5 to 7 million of those units to still ship out of Cupertino by the time the fourth quarter is wrapped up.

Source: CNET

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