Avaya A175 tablet

Avaya release business-oriented tablet A175.You can do real-time video communications by A175 tablet and also do voice and text communications…..

Avaya, a provider of communications systems for the enterprise, today released a family of real-time video communications and collaboration products and services, including a video/voice/text offering called Avaya Flare Experience.Expected to cost between $1,500 and $2,000, this 11.5-inch enterprise tablet is designed primarily to be used at a cubicle, doubling as a SIP phone and tripling as an office collaboration tool. Dubbed a “Polycom killer” more than an iPad killer, this unit relies on Aura 6.0 and the newly designed Flare user interface  which enables touchscreen operation and supports multi-user video calling, email, web browsing and support for Android applications.


  • A touch and swipe user interface that allows workers to communicate in any mode, check messages, schedule meetings and appointments, and receive alerts or reminders.
  • Drag-and-drop voice and video calling and conferencing, which has a cool feature of allowing users to separate from a call to engage in side conversations – either through voice, email or IM – without interrupting the original call.
  • A virtual ‘Rolodex’ that allows users to scan their corporate and personal lists of contacts – including those from social networks – and find out whether that person is available and how he/she prefers to communicate and initiate a connection.
  • Download and install Android-based tools.

Thanks :zdnet.com,engadget.com

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