Camera Showdown Between Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

A few days ago Apple’s most powerful tablet iPad 2 has releaed with some amazing specifications. According to Macworld Lab tests Apple iPad 2 has poor camera results for capturing pictures as compared to other tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom.

Color Accuracy test and Exposure Quality :

The test results shows that iPad 2 camera Color accuracy is same like Xoom and Galaxy Tab but it badly failed in Exposure quality tests.

Sharpness and Distortion test:

Again Apple iPad 2 failed to produced good distortion test results.

Still image quality

The top-rated tablet in our image-quality testing was the Motorola Xoom, which boasts a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera that scored fairly well in the exposure quality and sharpness departments. That said, the Xoom trailed the Apple iPhone 4 when it came to overall image quality, and it trailed both of the other tablets in the color-accuracy department.

Overall Image Score

1. Canon PowerShot S95 (85.6, Very Good)

2. Apple iPhone 4 (66.2, Fair)

3. Motorola Xoom (64.8, Fair)

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab (63.6, Fair)

5. Apple iPod touch (58, Poor)

6. Apple iPad 2 (57.8, Poor)

Still Image Quality:

Motorola Xoom

Samsung Galaxy Tab

iPad 2

Apple iPad 2


Xoom (1)

Motorola Xoom

Tab (1)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

iPad 2 (1)

Apple iPad 2


Video Quality:


There were a few surprises in our subjective video tests. Apple’s iPad 2 fared much better in our video tests—even producing video quality on par with Cisco’s Flip Video UltraHD, according to our panel of judges—but it still trailed behind the Motorola Xoom in terms of an overall score. No tablet earned a score greater than “Fair” for video quality, but there were notable differences.

Overall video quality scores

1. Canon PowerShot S95 (73.2, Good)

2. Apple iPhone 4 (71.6, Good)

3. Motorola Xoom (64.4, Fair)

4. Apple iPad 2 (60.6, Fair)

5. Cisco Flip Video UltraHD (60.4, Fair)

6. Apple iPod touch (58.8, Poor)

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab (58.0, Poor)

The above all results shows that iPhone 4 Camera is still best camera among all other iOS devices. iPad 2 camera is best for Shooting videos but not for capturing pictures.

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