Motoblur Coming To Xoom

Motorola Xoom would be coming with MotoBlur but the company told IntoMobile that this wouldn’t be the case and that this tablet would be a Google Experience device to show off Android 3.0 Honeycomb……

Motorola’s Jonathan Nattrass, he company’s director of Android product management in Europe said that Motoblur is all about bringing the “social aspect” to Android and it will come as a software update to Motorola Xoom.Motoblur hoovers up info from your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, into your phone’s address book and comes with a bundle of widgets to display your social whirl on your phone’s home screen. It’s also an online service for backing up your settings, and tracking your phone by GPS.On Motoblur phones, the low-key Android shortcuts along the bottom of the screen.Although the integrated address book in Motoblur is handy, it’s a major feature that could be confusing if it suddenly appears on your Xoom after an over-the-air update.


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