Leaked Images Of Galaxy Nexus Tablet

A few images of an alleged Galaxy Nexus tablet have made their way to the internet. Analysts, naturally, have scanned these images in detail to see if they reveal any credible information. A number of compelling arguments have been cited as to why it is indeed the Galaxy Nexus tablet. But then, there are very strong contentions too. The images are posted below.

Among the many different clues that have been discerned by PocketNow, the first one to circulate the images, the first is that the on-screen icons on the tablet’s display include only Google products. There are no 3rd party apps or icons somehow non-related to Google.

This only proves one thing – that the tablet comes straight from Google and no other Android vendor is a part of it. This is reminiscent of Google’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone. And this is precisely why there is a possibility that the images are indeed of a Galaxy Nexus tablet.

Another very significant part of the tablet is that its soft keys and status bar are nearly identical to those offered by ICS on Galaxy Nexus. However, although these arguments are quite convincing, there remains the fact that rumored tablet has a 7-inch display while this one definitely seems larger than 7 inches.

Moreover, it has also been pointed out that a 7.7 inch prototype tablet has already been shown off at CES. So, this, too, could be a prototype that was created during production. Nonetheless, the appearance of the tablet does put it really close to it being a Galaxy Nexus tablet.

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