Nokia Bashes iPad In A New Ad, Pitches Lumia 2520 Tablet Instead

It has been a while since Nokia entered the tablet business but the company’s offerings have failed to gain any traction. To help with that, the company has now dished out an anti-iPad ad, touting how Apple‘s slate can not be used under direct sunlight.

Nokia Lumia 2520

The ad essentially involves the user and her dog. Both go out for a walk at the park but since the users, or the dog’s owner, has an iPad while walking out on the street, she starts using it. Too bad for her and Apple, the tablet can’t be used directly under the sun. So she leaves his dog be and goes to sit by the shade, still engrossed in her iPad.

The dog tries to forge a friendship with some other people who are around but they too, in turn, are busy in using their iPad tablets in the shade and so, no one would play with him.

Finally, the angel of deliverence arrives in the form of a Lumia 2520 tablet. The tablet apparently works great under direct sun and so, the user doesn’t have to go find shade and sit there like the boring dog-owner. In this user, then, the said dog is finally able to find a great friend who would play with him while using his tablet right under  the sun without any hassles.

Finally, happily-ever-after smiles are flashed and pizza arrives. In all, Nokia has done a good job of accentuating a key feature that iPad does lack – outdoor readability. The Nokia 2520 slate is great on that front and the feature can be very useful for such tablet users who tend to take their slate everywhere.

Courtesy: CNET

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