Convert and Watch Movies on Samsung Galaxy Tab[How To]

Watching movies on a 7 inched screen Galaxy Tab is really a great idea but many times due to endless extensions the movie experience may become sometimes a boring one. TheGrammerFreaks, XDA member has came up with the method on how to convert and watch films / movies on your Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab.

So, let’s check out on how you can optimize the videos and DVDs for your Galaxy Tab with the help of a software tool called Handbrake.


* a Movie file: You desire movie which you want to convert to your Galaxy Tab.
* Download Handbrake (converting tool).

The instructions are as follows.

* Load up handbrake, and select your source and destination files.
* Ensure the preset is set to “Normal“
* On the “Picture” tab make sure “Anamorphic” is set to “None“
* Ensure “Keep aspect ratio” is ticked
* Set the height of the output to the max it’ll allow (assuming you’re using an SD film. If not, set the width to 1024)
* Switch to the “Video” tab
* Ensure “Constant Quality” is used, and set the RF value to ~27. Larger numbers mean lower quality, and it’s a logarithmic scale.
* Switch to the “Audio” tab
* Change the mix down to stereo and the sampling rate to 48
* Hit “Start“

That’s it, now you now have successfully converted the video and can now be played on your Galaxy Tab suing the gallery application. Since the converted video exactly fits the screen, the video will look perfect on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. There are few things which you need to take care of so that you can seamlessly enjoy the video experience on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, like you need to ensure that videos are not more than 2GB of size as Galaxy tab doesn’t like playing videos which are sizing >2GB. Also, most importantly you will need to ensure that the source of video is a good one. If you have a source which is over 1024 X 600 then you need to ensure that it’s not bigger than 1024 x 600 which can be done by following the above steps.

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  1. Sam James

    Yeah,i have tried Handbrake,it does convert dvds to my galaxy tab,but what annoys me is the conversion speed and the incapacity conversion of my favourite bundles of BDs (expensive).Now i use a  Bluray Video Converter Ultimate (Its Offical Web: ) from Pavtube Studio as my galaxy tab converter,Really an all-in-one helps rip Blu-ray discs, standard DVDs and convert almost all kinds of videos
    to universal video and audio file types with super fast conversion speed
    and excellent image and sound quality.Maybe it is your choice.

  2. samsung tablet

    This has some better technology. The better speed and the better performance…

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks the nice tips. And I really like the Handbrake but as other’s experience the Handbrake’s speed and size is suck.
    And lastly I got Aneesoft Video Converter to do me a favor on videos conversion, the speed and quality both are OK, what’s more there are many free resources in Aneesoft Samsung galaxy column. 

  4. Amkirk109

    Can someone please explain to me what im doing wrong? I have tried several times tonwatch movies on my samsung tablet and it just keeps saying “download failed”

  5. movie quizzes

    That’s pretty cool. Well, honestly I don’t have that but my cousin do so I would love to try to watch movie on his tab but unfortunately I don’t know how. This is good tips. Thanks!

  6. paozhouba

    he better speed and the better performance. I have one.

    Kodak ESP C310 Ink

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