[Tutorial] Use Google Drive With Keyboard Shortcuts

Since Google Drive is finally available and in one of my previous tutorials I showed you how to get started to use Google Drive in your account, today I will show you how you can use Google Drive with keyboard shortcuts and be more productive. These keyboard shortcuts can be used for different actions and in this tutorial I will show you how to use them to select items, jump from one list to another, create new documents, use menus, etc…

To gets started try some of below keyboard shortcuts


  • G then N : go to navigation panel
  • G then I : go to document list
  • G then C : go to collections
  • G then D : go to details pane


  • C : display create new menu option
  • U : display upload menu option
  • A : display actions menu option
  • R : display sort menu option
  • V : display view menu option


  • / : go to search box
  • D : toggle details pane
  • ? : display keyboard shortcuts

To create new documents use below shortcuts

  • Shift + T : create a new text document
  • Shift + S : create a new spreadsheet
  • Shift + P : create a new presentation
  • Shift + D : create a new drawing
  • Shift + C : create a new collection


  • J : navigate to and highlight next item
  • K : navigate to and highlight previous item
  • X : toggle selection of highlighted item
  • Shift + A : select all
  • Shift + N : select none

Give it a shot, try some of above shortcuts and lets us know how easier it is for you to use Google Drive with and without them.

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