Unique Gmail Downloads On Play Store Pass The 1 Billion Mark

Gmail is, without a doubt, the most popular email service right now. To give you a perspective of its popularity, Gmail’s Android app recently surpassed 1 billion unique downloads.


The number has been revealed by Android Police and it apparently counts only the unique downloads of the app, discarding the duplicates or the multiple downloads across multiple devices. It’s quite certain that if we were to determine the unique downloads of the apps of other email services on the web, they would be far behind Gmail’s mark.

Back in 2012, it was revealed that Gmail had 425 million monthly active users. This number has surely soared sky high since especially because of the increase in the volume of Android sales. Gmail comes by default in each Android handset and since these handsets have been flying off the shelves by hundreds of millions each quarter, it is only natural that Gmail is getting a whole lot of new users by each passing day.

Interestingly, among the apps that have reached the 1 billion downloads mark so far, many are from Google. Previously, Google Search and Google Maps have already achieved the milestone. Other apps that have hit this huge download tally is Facebook, quite understandable given the social network’s billion-plus audience.

Given the current landscape of online email services, it is safe to assume that Gmail will continue to assert its dominance over the coming days, especially because of its popular presence on mobile devices. With a possible interface overhaul in the pipeline, Gmail may attract even more users soon.

Source: Android Police

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