Gmail Starts Offering ‘Unsubscribe’ Link On Promotional Mails

Getting promotional emails on Gmail is quite a nuisance. And it’s quite tough to rid them by unsubscribing. Google is now making it easy by offering the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the top of header fields in such marketing emails.


The feature will be made available to all Gmail users by default. It will appear alongside the name and email address of the sender. This will provide users with the option of immediately unsubscribing to the unwanted promotional emails.

Normally users need to follow an unsubscribe link in the fine print and this leads them to the related third-party site. With this option, users will be able to unsubscribe from these annoying emails without navigating away from Gmail.

According to Google’s head of anti-abuse efforts at Gmail, Vijay Eranti, “One of the biggest problems with the Gmail spam filter is identifying unwanted mail or soft spam. We want to empower users with an easy way to control what they want to receive.”

This is apparently the strategy Google is following to refine the user experience of Gmail without bothering the business partners. Elie Bursztein of Google’s anti-abuse research stated at a conference, “We want our users to not have spam, and we also want you to reach the user.” The solution should be agreeable to marketing companies because the lack of such easy-to-access unsubscribe option often leads customers to mark the promotion emails as spam, ultimately leading to their filtering by Gmail.

Courtesy: IT World

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