Google Says 91.4% Of Gmail’s Non-Spam Emails Are Authenticated Now

Phishing emails used to a prominent nuisance on the internet, being the key part of online mass cons. Google has been actively working to curb such mails and the company has now revealed that 91.4% of its Gmail non-spam emails are authenticated.

Gmail non-spam emails

Spam emails are usually sent using unprotected domains. However, over the years, more and more domain names have implemented the two main email authentication standards, namely DomainKey Identified Email (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Once both of the aforementioned standards are implemented on the domains of both the sender and the receiver, spam emails rarely get through. Fresh numbers from Google reveal that 2.25% of all non-spam emails received on Gmail are authenticated using DKIM only. Another 14.4% are authenticated using only SPF while a total of 74.7% emails come from domains implementing both standards.

This means that in all, 91.4% non-spam emails on Gmail are authenticated according to at least one authentication standard. Google has further revealed that 89.1% emails received on Gmail come from SMTP servers. This translates to 3.5 million active domains.

The measures have allowed Google to filter huge amounts of spam emails and keep them away from the inboxes of Gmail users. However, it will take a while before the internet is finally rid of the problem. Not only that, more targeted phishing emails tend to sound a lot more original, distributed to a smaller audience and appear quite authentic. While they are not frequent yet, they may pose as an evolved form of regular spam in the coming days.

Source: Google

Courtesy: TNW

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