Facebook Mobile User Counts Revealed, Android Leads The Way

It is already known that a large number of Facebook users access the service through mobile devices. But how many people prefer to use Facebook through which kind of mobile devices? Analyst Benedict Evans dug open the numbers.


Around one year ago, Facebook stopped reporting user counts for its own mobile apps via the Graph API. But people were able to see the Monthly Active User count (MAU) of Facebook. Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis started to calculate Facebook’s mobile web site stats till “some time in November 2012.” Here’s his findings.

In September 2011, Facebook had 66 million active users via Android, 91 million active users via iPhone, just a few million active users via iPad and almost 3 million monthly active users via Facebook Messenger. But in December 2011 right before Facebook stopped openly publishing stats, it was found that Android had surpassed the iOS app and 10 million users logged in Facebook via Facebook Messenger.

Around 11 months later (i.e. on November 2012) it was found that Facebook had 192.8 million monthly active users via Android, 147.2 million monthly active users via iPhone, more than 48 million monthly active users via iPad.

Facebook App MAU

The upper figure clearly shows that Facebook attracted more Android users last year, compared to iPhone or iPad users. Though Facebook has declined to comment on this calculation, but solid analytics sources and old official numbers from Facebook indicates that Evans’ calculations are reliable.

Source: Benedict Evans
Thanks To: TechTrunch

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