Facebook Starts Out Its Giant Ads On The Site For Logged Out Users

Facebook has gone big on its plan for advertisements on its social network. Within 48 hours of announcing to launch log out page ads, Facebook started on its first one. It debuted with a giant Bing home page that appears just as soon as a user logs out of the social network. Bing became Facebook’s first advertising partner. Many of the web experts have tried to reproduce the ads, including The Verge team, according to the website, but were unable to do so.

However, one of the TechCrunch readers has encountered the ad once being logged out. This is not just an ad but the Bing search box is actually fully function, which means that it is like logging out of Facebook and going to Bing search directly. This also means that once you type the query on the Bing search box, you are taken out of the social network onto another page with search results of your query. The Marketing Conference which was held on February 29, Wednesday, is where Facebook elaborated with the statistics that over 37 million Facebook users log out every day.

The idea that Facebook came up with was to utilize these many numbers of users and make them into a target audience by showing them the ads. What more could be beneficial for advertisers than to product their ads through this huge opportunity of being seen by 37 million people. But there is a question which arises and it is when a user would log out of Facebook, he or she must be onto some other thing and might or might not be in a hurry. How would a user look at the ad and pay any attention after a couple of times. What use is it then? It is similar to the ads which are featured on the back page of a magazine that almost no one bothers to pay attention to unless the magazine is put on the table from the other side.

It is not that catching as it might seem. Though, like Facebook has been trying out different things, it sure can try out this new strategy of both getting the advertisers and the advertisers trying to get an audience on Facebook. This new log out ad unit is an option inside Premium On Facebook. It is a new paid campaign for businesses to avail by signing up. With this they also get News Feed ads and Mobile app ads.

Hence, there are now an organized opportunity for advertisers to work with Facebook on putting ads out to their target audience. It was also reported that Microsoft made a huge early investment of more than $1 billion on Facebook. This has allowed Microsoft to power web search results that even appear inside the sites internal search box.


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