Hacker Finds Exploit In Chrome, Wins $60,000 From Google

Google has been very vigilant in improving the security and efficiency of it’s browser, Google Chrome, which now stands as the second most used browser around the world and may exceed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer not too later. A hacker has now found a serious exploit in the browser, while participating in Google’s Pwnium contest, a contest Google launched to entice the hackers to find vulnerabilities in Chrome. The reward for the feat was $60,000 and this has now gone to a Russian hacker.

The hacker who won the award for finding a Chrome exploit is a Russian security researcher, Seregey Glazunov. Sergey was able to show how the security sandbox of Chrome can be bypassed and then a user’s information be easily hacked and exploited.

Specifically, he was able to find a vulnerability in the browser which permitted remote code execution. This vulnerability can be used by hackers and cyber criminals to install nefarious software on a user’s computer and then phish away his crucial information.

According to the senior vice president of Google, “Looks like it qualifies as a ‘Full Chrome’ exploit, qualifying for a $60k reward. We’re working fast on a fix that we’ll push via auto-update.”  He further stated, “We launched Pwnium this year to encourage the security community to submit exploits for us to help make the web safer. We look forward to any additional submissions to make Chrome even stronger for our users.”

This is a manifest example of Google’s continued commitment in making Chrome the best browser for the users. Given a rather uncertain future for Firefox, one can say that the time when Chrome will top IE is not very far.


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