HaveIBeenPwned Tells If Any Of Your Online Accounts Has Been Breached

Today, every internet user has multiple online accounts across different sites. Guarding each of them adequately can be a tough job. HaveIBeenPwned is a site that tells you if any of your online accounts have been compromised.


Services such as this are very valuable because we have seen a number of major security breaches take place in the last few months. The latest of these is the theft of 2 million Facebook, Twitter, ADP and Google passwords, which has prompted alarm among many.

Hackers tend to post the hacked usernames, passwords and other information across different portals. HaveIBeenPwned works by checking the email address you provide against all the records of breached information posted online. If your email matches up with any of the data in these online posts, it may mean that your account has been compromised.

HaveIBeenPwned has been launched by software architect Troy Hunt only three days ago. The site has already attracted more than 50,000 visitors on the very first day of its launch and is becoming a popular tool to check how much are one’s online accounts exposed.

While the tool is certainly commendable and helpful, it may not be a fool-proof method of checking your compromised accounts. If your account has been compromised but information about it is not available on any of the public portals or sites, HaveIBeenPwned will not report your account as pwned. So while it is a good idea to check with the site once in a while, you must take other measures such as two-step authentication to be more secure.

Source: HaveIBeenPwned

Courtesy: IB Times

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