Google Launched Their Super Bowl Ad, As Rumored

Finally, all the rumors concentrating on Google TV Commercial were correct. A few days ago, we came with a news that Google could launch their first TV commercial for Super Bowl. We knew that though the tweet of CEO Eric Schmidt. As you all know that Super Bowl was the most watched TV show in USA last year. So Google didn’t want to miss that opportunity to be the part of it. It’s their (Google) nature to be everywhere whether you want or not.

Many well known companies & organizations launched their TV commercials yesterday. like Motorola, CBS, GoDaddy, Boost Mobile, Intel, Vizio & many more.

It was Google’s first-ever Super Bowl ad–and one of their few TV spots at all, to boot. On Sunday, during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, the Mountain View, Calif., tech giant aired an ad called “Parisian Love,” featuring a Valentine’s-worthy romance spelled out in Google search queries.

The queries flow chronologically from “study abroad paris france” through “how to impress a french girl” and “what are truffles” to “long-distance relationship advice” and finally “how to assemble a crib.” Awwwww.

Buzz about Google’s Super Bowl ad started spreading when CEO Eric Schmidt implied in a Twitter post that there would be one during the third quarter. There had been rumors–which turned out to be untrue–that Google’s ad would feature the Nexus One smartphone. As it turns out, the “Parisian Love” ad has been on YouTube since November 19 as part of Google’s “Search Stories” ad campaign–which had been online-only until the Super Bowl. It had chalked up over a million views on YouTube.

Actually Google’s ad dubbed “Parisian Love” is an old clip. It has been on YouTube for three months now. So, instead of coming up with an explosive ad which could have cost them a lot of money, like the other ads Google was able to save some money as well. Except for the $30 million fee that it has to pay for the highly coveted 30 seconds Super Bowl slot.

In case you’ve missed it during the airing, the Google Super Bowl commercial started with a search for “study abroad in paris france” and ended with “how to make assemble a crib.” Yup, it’s a love story for crying out loud! It shows how Google search can be a part of everyone’s life. Simple, straight forward and extra-ordinary way of telling a love story with the help of a search engine. You’ve got to give it to the Google folks for pulling this one out effectively.

Blogger John Battelle was also correct at guessing which ad would run: “Parisian Love” (below)

Sources: Mashable, CNET, 901am

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