Eco-Friendly Hexapod Robot Made By Cardboard

No one had ever dreamed before, a Robot that is made from cardboard. Mike Estee have been working on this to make this materialized at a Cheap cost. Though, the theme and other things are quiet similar to Real Robots made of Metal, but it makes curiosity to all of us that, how this cardboard made Robot would look like and what/how its moving steps would be.

This creative different type of Robot is made of Cardboard, Servos and Servo Controllers. It is to be mentioned that, this Robot is made for as sample/example, just for Executing your different types of Science and Technological Ideas.

This is an Eco-friendly Robot that has laser-cut cardboard limbs. It is a very low cost Robot. It costs $1.00 in Cardboard, $54.60 in Servos and $29.95 in Servo Controllers. Who have ever thought that, a robot will be made of within $100?

Just in addition, if you forget, this Robot is Highly Flammable and can be Damaged by Water. I’m sure this type of Creative things will come in at a very Cheap cost and inspire people to play with and experiment with science. Check out the Video below.


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