Things You Can Do To Stop Your Smartphone Addiction Right Now

Are you addicted to your Smartphone? Ask this simple question to yourself to find out, “Can you spend 4 straight hours without having to check your phone? If the answer is NO, then we are very sorry to say, you are Smartphone Addiction Positive.

smartphone addiction
Credit: Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

You might not think of your Smartphone addiction as something serious. But when you add up the numbers of hours you spend on your smartphone weekly, don’t get terrified it might be in double digits. According to several reports, you engage in meaningless news-feed scrolling on your Smartphone, whether on Social Media or any other App, at least 20 minutes in-between hours. Just imagine how great you could benefit by spending these precious hours on other productive things. Meaningless Scrolling makes your thoughts cloudy kills your focus.

Stop Meaningless Browsing & Reduce Smartphone Addiction

The first step in Stopping Meaningless Browsing on your Phone involves knowing which apps you spend most of your time. If you are an Apple user, you can use the native Screen Time Tools feature. With iOS 12, you get a new suite of Screen Time Tools. You can access this feature by navigating to Settings>>Screen Time. 

Set A Timer For Checking App Usage

You can set a time duration for the usage of different Apps. And if you spend more time on the Apps beyond the specified limit, you will see a warning. Although you can ignore the message and keep using the Apps. To set a time limit for App usage, navigate to Time  App>> Limits Add Limit. From there select the option Social Networks to select a time limit on your Social Media app usage. But there is a catch. You cannot set the usage time individually for individual Apps, rather you can set time on apps type.

Don’t worry if you are using an Android device, there are multiple Apps for tracking App Usage for Android as well.

After you figure out how many hours you are wasting each week and finally decide to put a halt to that, you will end up having multiple free hours each day. Previously you used to spend these hours scrolling through Facebook, but now you want to spend it on doing something productive. That’s the whole point of this blog. Here is a list of things you can build a habit of doing.

Listen To a Podcast

Podcasts are great. You can absorb so much information by only listening to two experts having a long conversation. There are so many Podcasts these days ranging from Economic debates to Sports analysis. Pick the one that suits your interests.


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Instead of indulging in meaningless Social Media Scrolling, you can exercise for some hour. According to different studies, 30 hours of exercise each day can help you stay healthy and immune from different acute diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes. And who says you need to go outside for exercise. There are so many indoor exercises you can do that require no equipment. 


Meditation helps you sort out all your scattered thoughts and figure them out. Meditation is an abstract thing and anyone who is new to meditation might find it hard to evaluate the rewards of Meditation. But sooner or later you will experience reduced stress in your life. You will grow the strength to face your biggest fears and challenges and fight with depression.

A great way to minimize meaningless scrolling on social media is getting a Meditation App. 

Learn New Words

Having more words at your disposal can only benefit you. Once you have enough command over your Vocab, you can write exceptionally good Assignments. You can also incorporate new vocab in your day to day use. Moreover, the next time you start reading a book, you will not have to keep a Dictionary beside you.

Wrapping up!

Like any other addiction, Smartphone addiction can be a bit hard to give up. It might take more time than you think it would. But to successfully reduce your smartphone addiction, you need to be persistent. You might not see immediate results, but once you start making progress, make sure you stick to it.

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