Android updated with a new eBay App

Now Services like eBay can be easily managed through the Android web browser, but without a doubt, an app makes things so much easier and faster. A dedicated application would make life so much easier.
The new eBay app for Android could make shopping, paying and selling through the online auction site a breeze. With eBay for Android, you can check the status of your auctions, navigate with voice commands, check status updates and view or leave feedback while on the go.

eBay has been huge in 2009 with $600 million in gross merchandise volume, a 200% increase over 2008. This number is sure to grow larger in 2010 with the new mobile application along with over 60,000 Android units moving per day.
The app also provides users with bid notifications that come in very handy when there are only minutes left on that rare.

If you have an Android device, whether you are an active eBay member or not, check out the eBay application.


Imrul Haque is Product Engineer at TheTechJournal. He writes about new products and covers mobile apps. You can reach him on Twitter And Google+.

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