Google Maps 4.1 Now Available Android 1.6 and 2.0 Devices

Google recently updated its Maps application for Android 1.6 and 2.0 devices. The new software has an optimized search results page for finding what you need faster. You can also swipe across search result pages to move forward or backward through results.

The new improved Google Maps now sports tabs so that you can access the information that you want to a lot easier, just by tapping on the new buttons you can see a place on the map get directions or view it through street view.

Google Maps 4.1 also includes syncing with Google Account regardless of whether or not you are on the phone or at your computer. Google Maps 4.1 is now available for download from the Android Market and can be used by all users that have their own android handset powered by Android 1.6 or above.

When you install Google Maps for Android 4.1, a new widget becomes available – the Latitude widget – along with a new live wallpaper that puts the map on the homescreen and tracks your position. This sounds cool and all, but it may put a lot of strain on your battery.

Google Maps 4.1 for Android
The Latitude widget
Google Maps 4.1 for Android
Google Maps 4.1 for Android

The search result page: before and after

The final tweak that comes with v4.1 of Google Maps is that if your Android phone is syncing with several Google accounts, you can pick which one Google Maps should use.

The update to Google Maps 4.1 is available to Android 1.6+ devices in the same countries and languages that Maps is currently available.


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