Google Want All Of Its Employees To Use Mac Machines, Not Even Chromebook

In today’s world of multiple computing platforms, competitors usually tend to diss each other’s products. Not in the case of Google, apparently, which requires all of its employees to use Apple‘s Mac machines.


Apparently, every new hire at Google is asked to use Mac. If the employee doesn’t wish to use the machine, he needs to present his case to the company which, in turn, decides whether his arguments for not using a Mac are good enough.

Today, Google has a massive fleet of 43,000 Macs used by its employees. The company has been trying to get Apple to build good enough enterprise solutions for this fleet but Apple didn’t budge. Not to be held back by the lack of effective solutions on Mac, Google built its own set of programs and tools to go with the Mac machines. The company also used other third-party tools to overcome this problem.

According to Google system engineer, Clay Claviness, “There was a time when Macs were a small part of the Google fleet but as of now if you start at Google and want to use a platform other than Mac you have to make a business case.”

Google executives openly acknowledge that Mac machines are better than PCs. In fact, in a recent guide about moving from iPhone to Android, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt wrote, “Like the people who moved from PCs to Macs and never switched back you will switch from iPhone to Android and never switch back.”

Courtesy: BGR

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  1. Nham Thien Duong

    But I’ve switched and Macs are horrible (Now I’m bac at P.C.’s (Windows 8.1 (Blue))), Android is also horrible, this is why Google is a bad company, it openly supports Apple, Google probably only exists to hate Microsoft.

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