Apple And Motorola Finally Settle Their Patent Disputes

Apple has been engaged in a long-drawn patent battle with a number of companies from the Android group over the past few years. Now, the iPhone-maker has announced that it has settled its patent issues with one of these companies, namely Motorola.


Apple’s key patent battle have been waged against Android big wigs such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Since Tim Cook took over Apple’s charge, he has been trying to resolve these issues and move on so that Apple can focus its energies on its own products.

It is probably due to this strategy that Apple has already settled patent-related disputes with HTC and now, Apple and Motorola seem to have come to common terms. As a result of their settlement, both companies have agreed to dismiss their pending litigation against each other, which is a very clear gesture.

According to a joint statement issued by both Apple and Google, “Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patentreform.” Since Google now has the treasure-trove of Motorola patents, it is not surprising that the statements mentions Google. Google currently owns Motorola Mobility, together with some of the key patents of the company.

So while Apple is pushing to end its patent battles, it seems that Google is equally willing to resolve them amicably. For Google, this wouldn’t have been possible without the patent portfolio that it acquired as a result of acquiring Motorola.

Source: Reuters

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