Apple Files A Patent For Button-less Trackpads In MacBooks

Apple patents are usually a general hint at where the company’s current line-ups are headed in the future. When it comes to MacBooks, Apple has now filed a patent which envisions a button-less trackpad.

Trackpad patent design

According to the details of the patent, the concept trackpad will not include any integrated buttons. Rather, it will feature built-in force sensors and an actuator. These two tools would enable the trackpad to provide exactly the same functionality as is offered by the current trackpad in MacBook machines, featuring buttons.

The movement of the fingers on the trackpad will be read by the aforementioned force sensors. The actuator, at the same time, will provide the ability to get tactile feedback from a user. Such a trackpad certainly sounds a lot smarter than what Apple’s current MacBooks come with.

But it also raises the critical question that how adaptable would such a change in trackpad design would be for MacBook users. If the learning curve is quick and lean, a shift to the new envisioned design shouldn’t be a problem for Apple. But if the new method of getting tactile feedback doesn’t come easily to a new user, the redesign would not be that great idea.

However, all of this is pure speculation for now because Apple has merely patented the new trackpad design so far. Whether or not the company plans to implement it and if so, when may we see the new design in MacBooks, is up in the air right now. So we wouldn’t worry too much about it until Apple actually implements a new trackpad.

Source: USPTO
Courtesy: Digital Trends

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