Google Barely Makes Any Major Announcements At I/O

Google I/O is the key event where the company discusses its future plans and often unveils new offerings. However, this time, Google failed to stir the tech audience by making any major audience. Compared to sheer number of rumors of expected releases, the event turned out to be rather underwhelming.

Google I/O

We had been hearing that Google will be releasing Android Jelly Bean 4.3 at the event. The expectation was understandable since Google has made similar announcements in the past I/O events. But this year, the search giant didn’t share any updates regarding the upcoming Android version. We did report in a piece leading to the event that Google may make a similar decision.

To further dampen the spirits of the tablet market, Google also stopped short of announcing any new Nexus slate. Many analysts had speculated that Google will bring out either a new version of Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. But the company announced no tablet at the event.

Rumors were also abound that Google will be unveiling a new Nexus handset at the event. In fact, many were fervently hoping that Google may finally lift the curtain on the much-touted X Phone. Nothing of that sort happened. Google didn’t announce any new smartphone at the event.

What was rather surprising is that despite that fact that Google Glass has been causing a lot of buzz in the tech world, Google didn’t make any mentions of the gadget and simply refused to talk about it at the I/O event. Similarly, those hoping for a Google smart-watch also had to cut down on their hopes since the mention of any such product was absent from the event.

Courtesy: CNET

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