Hulu Plus Comes to Xbox LIVE

Hulu Plus streaming service arrives on the Xbox 360 in the US. It features Kinect support, but even more immediately exciting is that users will get one week of Hulu Plus for free, and you can thank beef jerky for that.

Hulu plus will provide Xbox 360 owners with a streaming media service allowing them to view shows from ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, MTV, and others.

Xbox LIVE general manager Pete Thompson said in a press release that Hulu Plus is an “important addition to support our continued effort to expand entertainment on Xbox LIVE.”

Though you’re paying 8 bucks a month, you’re still getting “limited advertising.”

It will also work with a Kinect device allowing you to play, pause, fast forward, or rewind the content you are viewing using gestures or easily control your Hulu Plus from your couch using voice control.

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