Samsung May Launch S-Cloud And Galaxy S III At The Same Time

We have been hearing about Samsung’s cloud storage service, which will be its answer to Apple’s iCloud. So far, news had it that the cloud service will be launched sometime in August this year. However, the latest reports suggest that the service may be launched on May 3rd, about the same time when Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III is expected to be launched.

The name of the cloud storage service that will be offered by Samsung for Samsung smartphones and tablets is said to be S-Cloud. Formerly, there have been multiple claims as to when the cloud service will be launched by Samsung. Now, an interesting rumor that is doing its rounds on the internet is that Samsung may decide to launch its upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy S III as well as S-Cloud at the same time.

Of course Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed or refuted any of it, so essentially, all of it remains speculation. However, it does make sense that Samsung may launch its cloud service alongside a device that has been desperately anticipated by the smartphone lovers and is expected to be a huge hit. By coupling the two, Samsung may be able to get the exact attention to S-Cloud that it wants and the budding cloud service may be able to get some traction.

Although S-Cloud is expected to feature more or less the same features as iCloud, it is being said that it may offer a whole lot more services that Apple’s cloud. It will provide access to TV shows as well as movies, comprising of both free and paid content. Android users may immediately jump the bandwagon if the touted features of S-Cloud turn out to be as good as are being told.

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