Sirius XM an Android app just hits the Market

The Sirius XM Android app is just great.Did you know it just Hits the market…wow..

Android smartphone owners can finally do something iPhone and BlackBerry users have already been able to do: listen to Sirius XM radio on the go from their mobile phone. You won’t find the app in the Android Market, and will instead need to navigate here to grab the apk file.

That’s right, we’re downloading the brand new Sirius XM app to our favorite, not-at-all-fragmented Android handset as we speak.

This product will use a large amount of data and you are responsible for all data charges. Please contact you carrier’s customer service to confirm / add an unlimited data plan,” the app discloses.

Sure, we don’t actually have a paid satellite radio subscription, but if you hit up the source link you can sign up for 7 days free while you multitask it up against Robo Defense on your own phone.

We tried installing the app on our slow-as-molasses HTC Dream/G1 smartphone and it worked without a hitch. Assuming you’re on a good connection, the stations and songs download quickly and begin playing within a second or two. The best part about this is Android’s ability to multi-task, so you can fire up Sirius XM in the background while you go about your other smartphone business. We can also see this being a hit on upcoming Android tablets.

There’s no mention on the download page of specific handset compatibility, so let us know if you have any trouble running the app on that Motoblur phone your mom bought you.


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