Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson makes Xperia Play official in Super Bowl commercial and full launch of Xperia Play coming Feb 13th 2011.Xperia Play will be available on Vodafone and judging by the Xperia Play Superbowl………

Sony Ericsson going to show its Xperia Play PSP phone in an advert aired during the Superbowl in the USA officially.The official announcement will be on 13 February at 6pm GMT.The advert features of Xperia Play is the same backstreet thumb-grafting that made us feel vaguely ill last week, but the longer version sees the post-op Android get out and about.There’s still no word on exactly which games will be available to play on the handset at launch aside from the upgraded PSOne titles we’d already noted.


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