DDoS Supporters Deceived Into Installing Zeus Trojan

The Anonymous group has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, especially because of the MegaUpload campaign (dubbed the Operation MegaUpload (#OpMegaupload)) which found the group hacking mercifully through websites of institutions who had a part to play in the whole scandal turned legal matter. We’re talking about the Department of Justice website being hacked along with numerous record label sites. But weirdly enough the Anonymous group doesn’t seem to spare even its own members.

New information has it that dozens of supporters of the cause who participated in denial-of-service (DDoS) got to taste their own medicine. Security software company Symantec has made a puzzling discovery. Apparently one of the DDoS software so warmly recommended by the guys with covered faces called Slowloris also included a special package, in the form of a Trojan. What this little devil was trained to do is steal financial info from people who were using the program.

After the arrest of MegaUpload owner Kim Dotcom, the Anonymous group got accustomed at sharing Pastebin links which included a Slowloris link. Thus users would end up with Trojan infected copy which went on to install the Zeus Trojan to the user’s system. To avoid detection, the download got resourceful. After landing safely on the computer, it replaced itself with a clean version of the software and remained unknown.

The Norton Official blog underlines the problem in a statement: “It is worth highlighting how Anonymous supporters have been deceived into installing Zeus bot net clients purportedly for the purpose of DDoS attacks. The Zeus client does perform DDoS attacks, but it doesn’t stop there. It also steals the users’ online banking credentials, webmail credentials, and cookies.”

Just with a simple download, the Zeus Trojan can collect your login info, banking info, cookies and other important information you would definitely want to keep for yourself. Symantec has estimated the affected number of users to be quite high. According to them the Pastebin links have been tweeted 400 times, which amounted to 26,000 views.


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