First Hands-On Video Of ‘Android Wear’ Is Here

Google launched Android Wear amid lot of fanfare. The operating system for smartwatches hinted that Google is ready to enter the wearable market. Now, the first hands-on video of Android Wear has surfaced, running atop an LG smartwatch.

Android Wear

The video is nothing fancy and shows some very rudimentary features of Android Wear. However, a look at it reveals that this is a fairly basic beta implementation highlighting features such as alarms, messages and calendar tweaks. Google Now is apparently one of the key inspirations of this wearable OS, lending its UI features to run atop smartwatches.

In the video, you can also see an option to file bug reports. This is the clearest indication that the software is a beta version. However, how improved will be the OS when the earliest Android Wear smartwatches hit the markets this summer, remains to be seen.

The watch in the video is from LG, which reaffirms the company’s position as one of the most promising Android Wear vendors in the coming days. Surely enough, other hardware vendors would want to be on this bandwagon. An interesting case would be to see whether Samsung sticks with its smartwatch line-up or does the company join the Android camp this time as well.

Source: YouTube

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