Motorola Mobility Getting Ready With ‘X Phone’ To Compete iPhone

Google has come to have a significant presence in the smartphone arena, thanks to its Nexus line of smartphones. Still, the company is far from being a major hardware player. Rumors have it that Motorola Mobility is now helping Google ready a true iPhone competitor.


The idea is to create a really high-end smartphone that will pack a number of cutting-edge technologies and features. This smartphone, currently dubbed ‘X Phone‘, will then be pitted against Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s top-end smartphones.

To beat the charm of iPhone is going to take a lot and according to certain sources, Google is trying to bring that together for its Motorola Mobility team working on ‘X Phone.’ The team has been considering the use of a number of features such as bendable displays, however using such features requires extensive redesigning and the use of new materials.

The ‘X Phone’ team is currently headed by Lior Ron who was formerly a product manager at Google. The team is seeking to pack the device with an excellent camera and a software to use the pictures from this camera. However, as the team tries to push more features and high-end hardware into  X Phone, they have also realized that this directly strains the battery of the handset.

It would be quite interesting to see if indeed such a handset is eventually launched through a Google-Motorola collaboration. Given the fact that Google already partners with many smartphone vendors through its Android OS, the launch of a prospective ‘X Phone’ may put the company in a slightly awkward place.

Source: WSJ

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