The Big Merge: Nokia And Intel Joined Together To Build New Mobile OS, MeeGo

That’s a great merge. World’s largest chip maker Intel and one of the leading mobile set maker Nokia merged together to create a new mobile OS. They already have given the name of the OS. It’s named MeeGo. According to Mashable, MeeGo based mobile set will be available at the later end of this year.

Mobile competition has been increased. Now there are many big guns like Apple, Google and today Microsoft is unveiling their own mobile set Windows Mobile 7 at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. these competitors are focused on smartphones. Nokia may be trying to catch that market.

MeeGo is a merger of Nokia’s Maemo OS and Intel’s Moblin OS, both of which are Linux-based. Maemo is the platform that runs the Nokia N900, while Moblin runs on phones such as the LG GW990 and netbooks from Foxconn, Acer, and others.

According to Mashable:

As for how the thing will work: well, it’ll be built around the Moblin core OS, but it will utilize Nokia’s Ovi Store for its apps. It’ll be hosted by the Lunx Foundation as an open source project. Oh, and MeeGo will not just be for mobile phones either, but is intended to work on netbooks, tablets, and televisions as well.

In some ways, the entire thing just seems like a “too little, too late” attempt by both companies to muscle their way back into the smartphone market that Apple and Google have been taking by storm. Neither Moblin nor Maemo have the intuitive interface of Android or the iPhone OS (or the app catalog of either), and it’s tough to see how a merger will change that.

In the MeeGo site, Imad Sousou said:

Hi Everyone

I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Moblin and maemo are merging! We are taking the best pieces from these two open source projects and are creating the MeeGo software platform. Both teams have worked for a long time to support the needs of the mobile user experience – and MeeGo will make this even better. We want it to be fun, focused, flexible, technically challenging and ultimately, something that can change the world.

Hope for the best. What do you think? Just comment here.

Source: Mashable


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