Huawei MediaPad Coming With Android Honeycomb

Huawei has just released a sneak peek video of the tablet in action and it’s supposed to be some sort of entertainment device that’s captivating. Mediapad is running Android 3.0 Honeycomb and to be an aluminium body and black plastic ends. Let’s hope that Huawei might find its new tablet lost in a sea of bigger name Android devices……….


Huawei is another manufacturer interested in the tablet market and they’ve previously had the S7 tablet which not get a success, but merely a product with an adequate price/performance ratio. Huawei shows signs of taking things seriously, as they’ve started by releasing a teaser of their upcoming MediaPad tablet, a multimedia revolution and the 7 inch form factor surely points towards a tablet on the lower spectrum as size and weight is concerned. Huawei is all set to release a new 7-inch tablet called the MediaPad this month and claims that it is the smallest and lightest tablet that it has released till date. Recently the company released a short video showing a girl using the tablet and the video has generated mixed reactions. The video does not reveal much and Huawei has promised to announce the specs on June 20th. Meanwhile, the market is abuzz with speculations on whether the tablet will do well and if it’s a good idea for Huawei to get into the tablet fray at all. Bob O’Donnell, an analyst at IDC, was quite doubtful that the tablet would do well considering that there are already hundreds of players in the tablet arena in China. He said that Huawei would have to identify a unique selling point that would set it apart from the rest of the tablets. He also suggested that the fact that the tablet is coming from a telecom vendor would also add to its weakness, because consumers would prefer to buy tablets from PC hardware sources. You can see some images and a video below:



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