Motorola Released XOOM Superbowl Ad Video

Motorola has officially released XOOM Superbowl Tv ad featuring the new Motorola Tablet in action. It shows Apple’s restrictive platform while promoting its new XOOM tablet. The lone Motorola Xoom owner, appropriately reading 1984, is comparatively colorful and uses his tablet to help him find a flower shop.

From the press release:

Created by Anomaly New York, the ad entitled “Empower the People” is set in an Orwellian, 1984-esque world where technology – and people – are limited by restrictive platforms. Enter Motorola XOOM – the tablet to create a better world – and a new day with optimism, openness, freedom and empowerment.

You can see the Motorola XOOM Superbowl Ad video in action here:


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