Microsoft May Cut The Licensing Fees To Make Windows RT Tablets Cheaper

Though the pre-order of Surface tablet sold out within 24 hour, the sales ratio of this tablet later disappointed the software giant, Microsoft. Microsoft thinks, it’s the “price” for which its Surface tablets are “not being sold.” Now it has been reported that the software giant may cut the price of its Surface tablets in order to compete with cheap Android tablets.

Microsoft Surface tablet PC

When Microsoft announced a 10.6-inch Surface tablet, powered by Windows 8, every people became excited. Many people started to wait for the launch of this device. After long anticipation, wait and eagerness, Microsoft launched its Surface tablet and later revealed the pricing details of its Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro. At then Microsoft thought that Surface devices would attract consumers at a high scale.

Initially, Microsoft did as the price of Surface tablet with Windows RT started from $499 and within a day, pre-order for Surface tablets went sold out. When Microsoft saw that it had already sold 1.5 million Surface tablets in a very short time, the company started to think that it would do a great business through selling this tablet. But when many users reported that their tablet PCs had randomly went mute while playing an audio file, people started to back off from buying Surface tablets and inclined to buy Android tablets.

According to Microsoft, Surface tablet’s audio issue is not the fact for which people are disinterested to buy the tablet, rather either its the price or the cost of licensing fees. As Microsoft knows that Android tablets are quiet cheaper than Surface tablets, it has been reported that Microsoft has taken the fact “seriously.” Reports also hint that Microsoft may be considering to cut the licensing fees to make Windows RT tablets cheaper and help itself compete with low-cost Android tablets.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White has released a new research note claiming that Microsoft is planning to release a cheaper version of Windows RT that could result in “a 35-40 percent price reduction” in Windows RT tablets going forward.

As Microsoft has officially announced nothing, so we will have to wait to know the real fact. Stay with us as we’ll be back with update.

Source: Computer World, BGR

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