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Embedded Sensors: The Next Frontier For Wearable Tech

Pebble Smartwatch has recently broken records on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign for the smartwatch gathered close to 67,000 backers pledging a total of $17 million with more than 18 days to go. The initial goal has been $500,000, so they have exceeded the goal more than 33 times with close to three weeks to spare.

[Review] The Level: Innovation To Help All Lazy People

I am not saying you are lazy, even I don’t consider myself lazy, but I am computer programmer, writer and entrepreneur. I have spent an enormous amount of time sitting in front of a computer for the past decade. I felt the result of it, in a hard way, after injuring my 5th Lumbar Vertebra by just sitting for too long. Now here is one very…
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