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Upgrade Xbox 360 Game To Xbox One For $9.99

Amazon is offering to its customers a promotional offer to upgrade certain Xbox 360 titles to their Xbox One equivalent games for only $9.99. So now the customers can order selected Xbox 360 titles and upgrade them via trade-in later for an Xbox One version.

Xbox One Has Been Built To Last Ten Years

Microsoft's upcoming console, Xbox One, has been making a lot of headlines of late. Whereas the company has focused on entertainment in the new console, Microsoft has also taken many wise decisions regarding its hardware. Apparently, Xbox One has been created with the intent of making it last for ten years, even when powered on.

Ouya CEO Offers Store Credit To Compensate Early Backers

Ouya's KicksStarter campaign was a roaring success, bringing in tens of millions of dollars for the company. Since then, the team behind the console had been working hard on creating and shipping out to early backers of the campaign. But the schedule suffered many delays. Now, Ouya CEO aims to make up for that.

Developers Can Now Self-Publish Games For Xbox One

It would seem that given the rather huge social media backlash over Microsoft's Xbox One console after its launch, the company is ready to make many concessions. Although Microsoft initially announced that Xbox One game developers will have to get their games approved by a publisher first, the company has now allowed developers to self-publish.
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