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Sony Lands Huge Pre-Orders For PlayStation 4

According to the numbers trickling in from e-retailers, Sony's pre-orders for PlayStation 4 have ran out pretty fast. Among these e-retailers is Amazon, who is now notifying customers that rather than applying for the 'launch edition', they can go for the 'standard edition.'

Microsoft To Unveil The Next Xbox Today

The gaming world has long been waiting for the next Xbox console from Microsoft. The company has finally announced that it will be unveiling the next Xbox at an event on Tuesday. Interestingly, Sony is also on the verge of lifting the curtain off PlayStation 4.

Sony Finally Announced Xperia ZR

We heard a rumor that Sony was making an unannounced water resistant smartphone called Xperia ZR (codename Dogo). Actually, the rumor is not fake. Lately, Sony has announced that rumored Xperia ZR officially.