Google Releases Chrome OS 12 with BETA Version

Google has just updated its long waited Chrome OS with Beta version. A few days ago, in the Google I/O event, they unveiled brand new Chromebook which runs in Chrome OS. At that time, it looked the OS is fully furnished. But the recent updates of Beta points that it needs some more polishing works to be up for shipping version.

Though Google revealed their first Chromebook in the Google I/O event, but Google also noted that the first orders wouldn’t start until June 15, about a month away.

Google has just updated the Chrome OS beta channel to R12, aka Chrome 12. The version, which has been in the dev channel for a couple of weeks, will now be further tested in beta for a couple of weeks before it becomes the first version of Chrome OS to go stable. Expect this to happen slightly before the June 15 date.

Samsung has already previewed their Chromebook Series 5 and will make their debut on June 15 on, Best Buy and other stores in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. Acer is also on the same race with their upcoming brand new 11.6-inch Chromebook.

The Chrome OS Beta channel has been updated to R12 release 0.12.433.38 including Chrome 12 Beta, new trackpad, new flash player and several stability and functional improvements over the previous release.

This release contains the following security fixes:

• Disallow root escalation by creating /var/lib/chromeos-aliases.conf and inserting commands.
• Disallow modification of about:flags in Guest mode.
• Multiple package updates (openssl, dbugs, pango, sudo, strongswan, acl, libxml2, dhcpd).

In addition to all Chrome 12 new features (see Chrome 12 blogpost), there are several Chrome OS great improvements including:

• File browser
• Shiny new look
• Improvements to GSM support
• Verizon activation improvements
• New Flash player
• Feedback link is now under the wrench menu (“Report an issue”)
• 3G connection to the carrier fixes
• Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes
• New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted
• Auto update engine and debugging improvements
• Power optimizations
• GTalk video/chat optimizations
• Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon

To find a full list of fixes in ChromeOS R12 visit chromium-os bug tracker. If you find new issues, you can help Google by informing them by visiting their help site or filing a bug.


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