Android 2.2 upgrade for Droid X

AndroidSpin reports that 2.2 is expected to hit on the Droid, Droid X and Incredible at some point in the next week.Whilst Android 2.2 (Froyo) updates aren’t quite officially rolling out to handsets, some users are reporting that their Droid X handsets are silently starting to get the Android 2.2 OTA update……

Right now, it’s a pretty hard sale to say that any other wireless carrier in the United States has a better line-up of Android-based handsets than Verizon. With that being said, everyone’s waiting for their high-end devices to get their software updated to Android 2.2. While there’s been plenty of rumors, there’s never not room for another one. So, here’s your latest: Beginning August 6th, the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and HTC Incredible could all be seeing their Android upgraded with some frozen yogurt.

We’ve already gathered that Verizon, Moto, and HTC all seem to be pretty well committed to bumping most of their Droid models to Froyo (as well they should), but things are starting to get real — really real. First off, we’ve been fed a shot of a tipster’s Droid X that has apparently already been blessed with 2.2 over the air; the baseband version is a tick older than the one in a shot leaked over on My Droid Life, but it’s anyone’s guess how Motorola is staging this and what the final gold binary really contains.

According to Android Spin, they’ve just got word from one of their trusted tipsters that Verizon is going to push the official upgrade to Android 2.2 to all three handsets starting on August 6th, and that the roll-out should be finished by August 15th. That doesn’t jibe well with the whole “end of July” for the Motorola Droid and “end of August” updates for the Motorola Droid X, as it lands pretty flatly right in the middle of those two dates, but hey, we’re not going to say it’s a bad thing.

We’ve also seen a 2.2 ROM for the Droid Incredible leak recently (and the Droid before that), so uncorroborated rumors we’re seeing that three of the four retail Droids will be getting 2.2 by the 15th of next month aren’t necessarily crazy. Remember: think positive thoughts.

Of course, there’s no word from Verizon at this point. They’ll keep this on lock down for a bit — well past the testing phase, at least. And, let’s be honest — all anyone can hope is that this update process goes a lot smoother than their updates to Android 2.1 with the Motorola Droid. Unless Verizon wants a whole other group of people angry at them.


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