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Gold Colored iPhone 5S Sold For $10100 On eBay

Apple has unveiled iPhone 5S in three colors, including gold colored. The gold colored iPhone 5S has got such popularity that it is now available almost nowhere. Taking the opportunity, US-based seller "Papakar" put the device up for sale in eBay through bidding and the device finally got sold for $10,100.

iOS 7 Flaw Lets Siri Disable ‘Find My iPhone’

In an attempt to make Siri more intelligent and efficient, Apple has added many new features to it in iOS 7. Among the most notable of these features is the ability of Siri to tweak key settings. Now, it has been discovered that a person can use Siri to disable 'Find my iPhone' even if a pass-code has been set.

iPhone 5C May Not Be That Expensive After All

When Apple unveiled its 'cheaper' iPhone 5C a few days ago, it was criticized by many quarters. Coming at a price of $549, many cited how far it was from being a cheap handset. However, the smartphone is now being offered for $99 with a two-year contract, a deal which may sound lucrative to many.

Will Samsung Ship Out A 64-Bit Chip Soon?

Apple recently took the lead on mobile computing prowess by packing a desktop-grade 64-bit chip in its new iPhone 5S. Naturally, this has placed a lot of pressure on Apple's fierce rival, Samsung. So the big question is, when will Samsung come out with its own 64-bit chip?
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