Android developer claims AdMob

Advance Task Manager mainlly to kill running services which is spawned but never ended.But now it lost the ability of truly kill services.That’s why Android developer anecdotally claims AdMob…..

T-Mobile G1 users can close applications with the first paid app of Android named Advance Task Manager.The app’s functionality baked right into Android’s core,but Arron is still making thousands of dollars in a mounth.Arron released the pay-first version that we bring up,he added an ad-supported variant on it and for this reason each has contributed about $30,000 of money.

Android does a great job of managing but the app lacked the ability to truly kill services.If the OS did a good job of doing it automaticlly than the ending application was never needed.The need of dvanced Task Manager became less,an interface kill service added to Android 2.0 and Android 2.2.The advanced Task Manager was removed.

Android develpoer now working on update of Applications management for easy ways to install, backkup, and uninstall applications ; System information ; Direct links to Android’s Service.

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